So, this week Ruby Sanctum is out, and my guild went in and gave it a whirl. Now, we are not the best guild on the server, but we are good. Top 10 generally. But wendsday we were able to snag a server first 25 man guild normal kill, and yesterday we did the 10 man heroic, also a server first (and 96th worldwide). I will tell you this, completing a challenge, any challenge, before anyone else on the server did felt awesome.

Halion on hard mode is a bitch. What you don’t see in the video is the 7+ hours we spent wiping to the boss trying to figure out what’s killing us. DBM didn’t work, people stood in fire, we didn’t know about how the dispelling mechanic worked, positioning, all that shit. We had a vague idea based off a video of someone’s kill (I believe premonition), but not everything worked for us and they didn’t explain anything.

So, it took a while and a lot of wipes, but we got it and I made a tutorial video so others can do it.

I don’t know about you, but I find kill videos boring. It also tells you so little about the fight. I can understand the extreme, best guilds in the world trying to hide their tactics for a bit, but that’s not my way. I would rather go through the tough fights, figure out what’s going on, then turn around and show others how to do it so more people can have a crack at it. I get a since of satisfaction that I people learned how to do something from me. These tactics need to be shared damnit, not hoarded!

Over the months since I’ve joined AA, we have been steadily progressing the ladder on our server. I wish I could say that I was a main contributor, or that our guild became so awesome that we give the high end guilds a run for the money. The reality is, 3 of the top horde guilds on the server collapsed and quit raiding, and who knows what happened on the alliance side. Now only Thrust is above us, and we are neck and neck with them progression wise. Right now our server is at a 7 way tie to get heroic LK down first for 25.

The benefit is that those in those awesome guilds that still want to raid, they have few choices to go, and a good chunk are choosing to make AA their home. We have gotten an influx of solid players with excellent gear and a lot of raiding experience, allowing us to still raid even through the dead zone that summer brings. We’ll see how many last through the summer though.

Heroic LK attempts were started on the 1st, and he’s every bit the beast people have been saying he is. Phase 1 is a massive dps race while balancing positioning and plagues. Out of 2 hours of fighting, I think we got into P2 cleanly once. Our problems were the shadow traps and the shamblers beserking. With the traps, it’s mainly people zoning out and forgetting that staying alive is more important getting yourself and others killed. The beserking issue is the more serious one. See, if a shamble is enraged, he 1 shots tanks. Literally does 80k hits on me. Hunters need to tranq shot to get rid of it asap, and it wasn’t happening. I don’t think 2 tanks will solve the problem, as any tank we put there won’t have the gear to handle it.

Next we will try cycling stuns more often to see if I can time it just right so when they beserk they are stunned, giving the hunters more time. But this means I have to watch the enrage timer, watch to ensure I’m in the right spot or need to move, taunt ghouls off of melee at every opportunity, watch for shadow traps, constantly reposition the mobs because they like to slide around and face places I don’t want them to face, all while doing my rotation. Failure in anything means raid wipe immediately, and I’m not ashamed to say that it’s stretching my multitasking abilities a bit.

But he will fall eventually. They all fall in time.