I really wish I had time to update this more often. Between getting these tank tutorials made, raiding, family, work and, of course, other games, the blog generally comes last in priority. Also, it’s the medium I am least familiar with, as I don’t really know how to work with wordpress and whatnot. It’s a shame really, because I like to write and would like to be more social in the WoW community.

Thankfully, with the tank 101 series is at a close now. I can start focusing on more fun stuff to make video’s on. Unfortunately these videos will require a lot more editing, and thus more time. Having a weekly video is still doable, just means I will sacrafice time from something else.

Anyways, I wanted to go over something that irks the shit out of me. It happens more often than necessary, and it makes me wonder what we teach our children in our schools in terms of professionalism, respect, and good old fashon grammer.

I am talking about prospective applicants to serious raiding guilds for a raiding spot, and they make a fool of themselves in the process.

You see, the guild I’m in, as well as many guilds across the world, are labeled as “progression guilds”. We take raiding content seriously, at least enough to be able to put effort into crafting a team together of like minded people of various classes and specs to contribute to clearing content. We don’t bring people who are undergeared to carry them so they can get free epics. We don’t bring people so they can get some gear and move on to a more progressed guild. We also don’t bring in people who don’t know thier class or constantly fail in encounters where there is avoidable damage.

Above all, we don’t accept people who can’t understand the simple concept of answering a fucking question. If I asked you what is your name, and you gave me this long story of your ancestry and how you got your name, but didn’t actually tell me your name, I’m going to slap the shit out of you on principle. It makes me wonder what these people are thinking when they go through filling out the application. Are they so full of themselves that they got some notion that they will get in regardless of thier app? Do they think such massive paragraphs that answer nothing at all will hide the fact that they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about? Do they think that we don’t have people who know the class, and can see through thier bullshit? Mabye it’s a combination of it all, I don’t know.

Anyways, we generally get a flood of apps once a month, and for every 3-4 people who apply, 1 will get accepted. Recently, we got a glut of 6 or so apps very quickly, all horrible, hence this post. What also makes me wonder, is do they not look at the other perspective applicants? Surely they can see that these people put up shitty apps, and were ripped apart by myself or other players. Surely they can see where we pointed out in detail what we didn’t like about the app. I am guessing they don’t, cause then they wouldn’t repeat the same motherfucking mistakes! They are like fucking lemmings walking off a cliff!

Bah, had to get that out of me.

Anyways, like I said, I want to post more, and mabye I will. It’s either that or make more videos, and the latter isn’t very likely now that I’m trying to learn more about Sony Vegas and trying to push what I can do. Seeing that I know very little about making videos, it doesn’t take long for me to start venturing into new territory, which means immense slowdowns in the creative process as I try to figure out what the fuck I am doing.