New video up! Well, there have been several new videos since last post, but that is niether here nor there. Doesn’t matter! Starting DK tanking 101 this week.

Last week was our guild’s first LK kill in 25. It was a momentous occasion and was also coupled with a full ICC25 clear all in the same night. It took weeks to get here, and everything just fell into place that night. Not just for me, but everyone was on fire. Full ICC25 clear, plus LK, in just under 4 hours.

This week we have been doing hard modes. Since it’s the first week, the officers have said the goal is more to get as many of the “easy” hard modes out of the way first, then go onto actually staying and progressing on the harder ones. This week we did 7/12 hard mode ICC25, with marrograw, gunship, rotface, festergut, princes, Valithria and the Queen down. Queen especially surprised me, as it took over 20 attempts to get her the 1st time. On hard mode, just 2 attempts. Good times.

Other than that, I’ve been playing some other games recently. Just Cause 2 and Metro 2033. I’ve also just got the Starcraft 2 Beta, which I am currently patching. I will not be inturrupting the flow of DK tanking tuturials since there are so many, so expect additional movies in the next few weeks. In particular Just Cause 2 and Starcraft 2. The latter because like any rts fan I’ve been salavating for a chance to get my hands on it, and the former becasue it’s just fricken crazy.

On a last note, I will be a guest at Diego’s channel on youtube come next monday for a video. Diego is part of a guild called Damage Networks, a hardcore progression guild that is within the top 500 guilds in the world. They have 11/12 HM 25 ICC completed, with Diego himself almost completely decked out in 277 gear. There will be a Q&A session, so if you have any questions about paladin tanking, or tanking in general, please post it as a comment on this video.

And with that, SC2 just finished patching. I’m off to go get stomped by the people whose additude I swear makes me feel I’m on Xbox Live.