New video up!

One genre that stands out from the others for me is strategy games, in particular real time strategy. Depending on the game, it's less about the twitch skill that you find necessarry in FPS games and more about coming up with a plan to beat an opponent to submission, and adapting that plan when needed (or throwing it out entirely).

In Supcom2, you take command of your force in a much more… shall we say, impersonal way. Your units are robots, plain and simple. They don't respond to your commands with voices, they just move. They don't cry for help, run when weakened, or shout out during combat. A death to a tank means nothing, as a replacement has not just already been built, but already en route because the first tank was expected to die. You don't so much make surgical strikes rather than strike with a large, blunt hammer.

The main draw of the game is smashing massive armies against one another. The story is near garbage, played out with some atrocious voice acting. The campaign is simple and predictable except for a few missions. You have no personal attachment to any unit in the game. It truly makes the wargame very impersonal. Instead, you try to forge large, fortified bases with various forward bases, churning out hundreds of thousand of tanks, gunships, warships, bombers, AA guns, artillery, experimentals, and throw that mass into someone else doing the same thing. That is the main selling point, and to that end, Supreme Commander 2 delivers in spades.

In the match above, you see 2 of the 3 sides in action. 3 of us are Cybran, and Xeno is UEF. The Cybran force has the benifit of having the most powerfull defensive options in the game, making them incredibly difficult to assult. The Magnatron is devistating towards any ground forces. Not only will it one shot ground units, but you get additional resources from thier chewed up remains. You get a minor bonus in that forces getting sucked in are effectively no longer controlled by the player. Add to this you have the Bomb Bot, a walker which moves around with a gigantic shield on it's head. This shield can take massive punishment, and effectively makes anything above it immune to any air or artillery attack. That alone is signifigant, but it also has an overcharge ability (that you can use on command) that will 1 shot virtually any unit in a short range, both air and ground. Now add in that you can build multiple of each other, plus your standard anti air and ground turrets, plus the opposing army.

To counter this advantage, Cybran players don't have a fast way to transport ground units around the map. You have transports and experimental transports, and jump jets on land forces. These options are crap compared to the UEF's Noah Cannon and the Aeon's Space Bridge, where both have a massive range and can move lots of units quickly. The only real viable option to move lots of units around is to go air, and that's just boring sometimes.

Anyways, part 2 of the match should be up after raid tonight, so not until early friday morning.