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New video up! Well, there have been several new videos since last post, but that is niether here nor there. Doesn’t matter! Starting DK tanking 101 this week.

Last week was our guild’s first LK kill in 25. It was a momentous occasion and was also coupled with a full ICC25 clear all in the same night. It took weeks to get here, and everything just fell into place that night. Not just for me, but everyone was on fire. Full ICC25 clear, plus LK, in just under 4 hours.

This week we have been doing hard modes. Since it’s the first week, the officers have said the goal is more to get as many of the “easy” hard modes out of the way first, then go onto actually staying and progressing on the harder ones. This week we did 7/12 hard mode ICC25, with marrograw, gunship, rotface, festergut, princes, Valithria and the Queen down. Queen especially surprised me, as it took over 20 attempts to get her the 1st time. On hard mode, just 2 attempts. Good times.

Other than that, I’ve been playing some other games recently. Just Cause 2 and Metro 2033. I’ve also just got the Starcraft 2 Beta, which I am currently patching. I will not be inturrupting the flow of DK tanking tuturials since there are so many, so expect additional movies in the next few weeks. In particular Just Cause 2 and Starcraft 2. The latter because like any rts fan I’ve been salavating for a chance to get my hands on it, and the former becasue it’s just fricken crazy.

On a last note, I will be a guest at Diego’s channel on youtube come next monday for a video. Diego is part of a guild called Damage Networks, a hardcore progression guild that is within the top 500 guilds in the world. They have 11/12 HM 25 ICC completed, with Diego himself almost completely decked out in 277 gear. There will be a Q&A session, so if you have any questions about paladin tanking, or tanking in general, please post it as a comment on this video.

And with that, SC2 just finished patching. I’m off to go get stomped by the people whose additude I swear makes me feel I’m on Xbox Live.


Rockem Sockem Robots

New video up!

One genre that stands out from the others for me is strategy games, in particular real time strategy. Depending on the game, it's less about the twitch skill that you find necessarry in FPS games and more about coming up with a plan to beat an opponent to submission, and adapting that plan when needed (or throwing it out entirely).

In Supcom2, you take command of your force in a much more… shall we say, impersonal way. Your units are robots, plain and simple. They don't respond to your commands with voices, they just move. They don't cry for help, run when weakened, or shout out during combat. A death to a tank means nothing, as a replacement has not just already been built, but already en route because the first tank was expected to die. You don't so much make surgical strikes rather than strike with a large, blunt hammer.

The main draw of the game is smashing massive armies against one another. The story is near garbage, played out with some atrocious voice acting. The campaign is simple and predictable except for a few missions. You have no personal attachment to any unit in the game. It truly makes the wargame very impersonal. Instead, you try to forge large, fortified bases with various forward bases, churning out hundreds of thousand of tanks, gunships, warships, bombers, AA guns, artillery, experimentals, and throw that mass into someone else doing the same thing. That is the main selling point, and to that end, Supreme Commander 2 delivers in spades.

In the match above, you see 2 of the 3 sides in action. 3 of us are Cybran, and Xeno is UEF. The Cybran force has the benifit of having the most powerfull defensive options in the game, making them incredibly difficult to assult. The Magnatron is devistating towards any ground forces. Not only will it one shot ground units, but you get additional resources from thier chewed up remains. You get a minor bonus in that forces getting sucked in are effectively no longer controlled by the player. Add to this you have the Bomb Bot, a walker which moves around with a gigantic shield on it's head. This shield can take massive punishment, and effectively makes anything above it immune to any air or artillery attack. That alone is signifigant, but it also has an overcharge ability (that you can use on command) that will 1 shot virtually any unit in a short range, both air and ground. Now add in that you can build multiple of each other, plus your standard anti air and ground turrets, plus the opposing army.

To counter this advantage, Cybran players don't have a fast way to transport ground units around the map. You have transports and experimental transports, and jump jets on land forces. These options are crap compared to the UEF's Noah Cannon and the Aeon's Space Bridge, where both have a massive range and can move lots of units quickly. The only real viable option to move lots of units around is to go air, and that's just boring sometimes.

Anyways, part 2 of the match should be up after raid tonight, so not until early friday morning.

New video up! This complete’s the warrior segment of tanking. There won’t be one for warrior gearing, as the paladin gear video covers the exact same stuff.

Ok, since WoW is by far the game I play the most, it will be the game I blog and make video’s of the most. Since I’m primarily a tank and that’s pretty much all that I play as, your going to see everything from a tanking perspective.

The purpose of these videos is to help people understand how to tank with thier given class effectively in a raid setting. Generally, what works for raids works for 5 man heroics, but I am aiming for raids. Big boy stuff you know.

Anyways, I love tanking. I have 3 tanks, a warrior, DK, and my main which is a paladin. I have a druid which is currently 54 and will be my 4th tank. The current plan is to have the DK videos starting in 2 weeks from today, and will be divided into 4 segments (abilities/rotation, and 1 video for each tree since you can tank in them all). This is mainly due to the massive, massive flexibility a DK has compared to any other tank when it comes to choosing which spec to use. At the end of this, hopefully my druid will be 80 and have some gear and raid time in, and I can do a tutorial of druid tanking. 

Additionally, when 3.3.5 is released, I’ll have some videos of that as well, how to tank them and whatnot.

The reason I do this is two fold. First, everyone has to start somewhere in learning how to do thier role. Some people, like myself, go to Elitist Jerks, read until my head hurts (so….20 min?), and go try out what the expert theorycrafters suggest. Other people search youtube for videos like mine. Some go to sites like Tankspot or Others just wing it. I like the feeling that I’ve contributed to making the general tanking population better, because there are so, so few of us.

That leads me to the second point. For so few tanks, there are so many bad tanks. Seriously. What’s with this rush nowadays to get instances done that you have to pull 7-10 trashpacks without stopping, only to die because you didn’t give the dps time to catch up and kill anything or the healer to heal you? Then you die, blame everyone else, and quit, wasting yours and 4 other people’s time because your in a hurry. Most instances nowadays can be done in under 15 min by any group that is competent enough to navigate to the random dungeon queue. Or better yet, tanks who get thier heads stuck up thier ass that they feel entitled to belittle other people for nothing more than they are new and gearing up.  And lets not get into tanks who pulled some random spec out of thier ass, walked into a random heroic, threw on a sword-n-board while wearing all dps gear and expect to do the above mentioned power pulls since they saw others do it. I can even understand not knowing a particular fight, but when has standing in the fire ever been good? How about void zones, or any of the instant dead graphics that most bosses put out? Never right? SO DON’T STAND IN IT! NO I DON’T CARE IF YOUR ICC25 GEARED AND THIS IS HEROIC FoS, MOVE!

O.K., just had to get that out of my system. Well, there you have it. I do hope the tanking videos filled in the blanks and helped you become a better tank.